The three-quarter angle

We've found that the three-quarter angle shown above works best (but we can draw from any angle!). Our designers draw your ride in the pose of the photo, that's why we reccomend the three-quarter angle to show the most detail. Front or rear, well.. that's up to you!

Include the whole vehicle

Remember to include all of the vehicle, we can't draw what we can't see! Feel free to upload multiple photos of different angles though, to help us see extra details like badges and other little details.

Good lighting and no filters

Taking the photo in good lighting is vital, it means we can capture the exact colour of your ride. Also photos without filters usually work best, that way we're getting the true colours from the photo.

Custom Backgrounds

Have you selected the option to have a custom background? Ensure the desired background is the one you have in your main photo, otherwise let us know in the notes which one to use.